I didn’t know that much about the Jerry Garcia Band when I bought my first CD of theirs. I was in college, and after years of driving back and forth between home and school, listening to that uniquely funky outfit, I fell in love with the ease and joy that flowed from that live recording and into my old Bronco II. 

I was already a massive Dead fan, but this music felt so effortless. Jerry just seemed happy riding on Melvin Seals’ massive B3 sound, and his playing showed as much. Then there was John Khan on bass… my God. He moved into my top three bass player idols, and has never left that list. 

You can say I have a huge love for this group, and all the incarnations of the band throughout their three decades of music. For a long time I’ve wanted to share that love with people. Finally it’s taking shape in a new show we call: 

 JHB (Jon Harris BandPlays JGB (Jerry Garcia Band). 

So come see my band throw down some wicked Jerry Band jams, get your boogie on, and celebrate with us this treasure trove of good times music. 

This ain't no Dead band, this is JHB Plays JGB!